Stern Pinball

pinball_sternStern Pinball is the sole manufacturer of arcade-quality pinball games. Pinball is a game that has ancestral links to Bowls and Bocce, which gave birth to games that required balls to be hit with sticks. This arcade game is not just a luck testing games, but it is a game where you can test your technique. Earlier, the gaming industry was jam-packed with companies that manufacture pinball games. But, in 1980s the relays of the game was replaced by its electronic version (chips). Stern Pinball Inc. is a North American pinball game manufacturer that designs and produces arcade quality pinball games. Located in Illinois, the company is the only manufacturer of coin-operated pinball games. Tracing its origin all the way back to 1930s, Stern still carries his pinball banner by producing machines with themes such as Batman, Avatar, Tron, Family Guy, Pirates of Caribbean and many more.

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Star Trek Pinball

pinball_startrekMore and more people are looking to buy a Star Trek Pinball machine, especially after they've seen the famous movie. Pinball games can trace their roots since the 17th century, when King Louis XIV ordered that a ball should be launched down through a series of pins . Since then, the game of pinball greatly evolved, hence there are hundreds of pinball games available on the market today. Back in 1979, Bally created a unique pinball machine named "Star Trek" after the movie released in the same year. One year later, this machine was updated by its creator, who added new uniforms, ships and characters.

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Iron Man Pinball

pinball_ironmanEnjoy hours of entertainment with Iron Man Pinball. Tony Stark loves to put on a show, and this pinball machine doesn't lack in the department of visual and engaging entertainment. The way this pinball machine lights up while you play with it will make you think that Tony Stark himself was behind the design. With this pinball machine you can enjoy looking at Iron Man and his most trusted allies, along with his enemies while you play pinball for hours.

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Tron Pinball

pinball_tronHave you ever thought about playing the Tron Pinball machine? Well, why wouldn't you? There's a lot to love about this version of the pinball machine. It was released last year, 2011 in the month of May with a special limited edition that had come out the month after. It is themed from the famous Disney film, Tron Legacy. Through this certain pinball machine, you will definitely recognize how unique it's been built with all of the main characters of the film being put together in a single 3D back glass with a distinctly magnificent story outline.

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Indiana Jones Pinball

pinball_indianajonesThe initial kickoff date of the Indiana Jones Pinball way back June in the year 2008 was definitely a blast. Both Indiana Jones movies and pinball fans sure were hyped about getting their hands on to the much anticipated machine. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that you would love about this edition which is provided none other than the original creators of the pinball machines through the years, Stern Pinball Incorporated.

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Lord of the Rings Pinball


Lord of the Rings pinball has a lot to offer pinball enthusiasts. This machine is based on the movie of the same name, and has lots of bells and whistles for pinball enthusiasts. It features many of your favorite characters from the movie like Frodo, Bilbo Baggins,Golam, and Sam. You can relive the historic movie all over again by playing this great game. This game is available for auction for a low price.

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Avatar Pinball


The Avatar Pinball is an innovative game based on the Oscar and Golden Globe award winning movie 'Avatar'. This unique pinball game transforms James Cameron's memorable classic into an unbelievable gaming experience. The Avatar Pinball transfers Pandora on a mission to guard the Pandora inhabitants from an aggressive group. It has a 3-D graphic panel on the front of the backbox. It produces amazing transparency, gravity and colour. It is also characterized by unbelievable audio and video impressions from the movie that makes it astonishingly real.

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