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pinball_sternStern Pinball is the sole manufacturer of arcade-quality pinball games. Pinball is a game that has ancestral links to Bowls and Bocce, which gave birth to games that required balls to be hit with sticks. This arcade game is not just a luck testing games, but it is a game where you can test your technique. Earlier, the gaming industry was jam-packed with companies that manufacture pinball games. But, in 1980s the relays of the game was replaced by its electronic version (chips). Stern Pinball Inc. is a North American pinball game manufacturer that designs and produces arcade quality pinball games. Located in Illinois, the company is the only manufacturer of coin-operated pinball games. Tracing its origin all the way back to 1930s, Stern still carries his pinball banner by producing machines with themes such as Batman, Avatar, Tron, Family Guy, Pirates of Caribbean and many more.

In the late seventies and eighties, pinball went electronically. During 1990s, when the craze of pinball was dying and coin-operated video games were emerging, and many major pinball manufacturers were leaving the industry, Gary Stern started making his place in the world of electronic pinball. Sega had purchased the pinball company from Data Easy in 1994. In 1999, when Sega made his exit from the pinball industry and sold Data East to Sam Stern's son, Gary Stern, who renamed the company as Stern Pinball Inc. The company started manufacturing high quality pinball games and this marked the comeback of pinball and the craze of this coin-operated game was like never before.

Today, Stern Inc. manufactures a wide array of pinball games with added features and innovative play field designs. The games at Stern Pinball are designed by several pinball designers from the industry. Two or three games are produced every year. Due to the high quality and special features, Stern Pinball games are gaining popularity among the pinball enthusiasts as well as casual players all around the world.

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