Indiana Jones Pinball

pinball_indianajonesThe initial kickoff date of the Indiana Jones Pinball way back June in the year 2008 was definitely a blast. Both Indiana Jones movies and pinball fans sure were hyped about getting their hands on to the much anticipated machine. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that you would love about this edition which is provided none other than the original creators of the pinball machines through the years, Stern Pinball Incorporated.

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Twilight Zone Pinball

pinball_twilight_zoneTwilight Zone Pinball machine, invented by Bally in the year 1993 is named after a famous television series known as Twilight. Twilight television series, introduced by Rod Serling have grabbed the hearts of viewers from all over the world. Similar to the movie, this pinball machine has also attracted thousands of potent customers across the globe. Twilight zone pinball machine beholds a good collection of attractive toys. You can describe twilight zone pinball machine as a little costlier budget in the whole group of pinball. Now let's see the interesting features of twilight zone pinball machine here.

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