Gottlieb Pinball


pinball_gottliebGottlieb Pinball machines are the oldest and best known pinball machines in history. Manufactured by D. Gottlieb & Co. (which later changed its name to just Gottlieb), the machines were unique in their own right. The company is known for the classic "wood rail" pinball machines, which were the rage before manufacturers began using stainless steel. The pinball industry did not originally have the flippers that we know of today. The ball could only be sent into the machine once, and it went on its own course until it came out. The flippers were introduced in 1947, which allowed the players to attempt to push the ball back into the game, thus earning them more points. With this, the game became much more engaging, and Gottlieb was quick to put the flippers in their machines as well.

Gottlieb sold its pinball machines under various names, ranging from Stop and Sock (the first machine that Gottlieb made, in 1931) to Humpty Dumpty to names like Flying Chariots and Funland. Gottlieb produced a lot of machines, well over 100 varieties. The machines belonged to various categories, like pure mechanical machines, electromechanical machines, and Gottlieb's own System series machines, which included System 1, System 80, System 80A, System 80B and System 3 machines. Gottlieb's ownership changed hands many times, first being bought by Columbia Pictures, which itself was later bought by The Coca-Cola Company, which later sold its pinball and video games divisions owing to decreasing demand.

Gottlieb pinball is known for their durability, excellent quality and amazing original artwork by artist Roy Parker. These machines were phased out by the late 1990s, with the last machine coming out in 1996. It is very difficult to acquire a Gottlieb machine today. If you are looking to buy a Gottlieb pinball machine, and become a part of history, you're in the right place. I display machines with 6 flippers, 4 flippers, 2 flippers, turrets, machines that accept coins, and every other machine that Gottlieb ever produced. Look no further if you want to have your Gottlieb pinball machine.

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