Star Trek Pinball


pinball_startrekMore and more people are looking to buy a Star Trek Pinball machine, especially after they've seen the famous movie. Pinball games can trace their roots since the 17th century, when King Louis XIV ordered that a ball should be launched down through a series of pins . Since then, the game of pinball greatly evolved, hence there are hundreds of pinball games available on the market today. Back in 1979, Bally created a unique pinball machine named "Star Trek" after the movie released in the same year. One year later, this machine was updated by its creator, who added new uniforms, ships and characters.

With the passing of time and because of the advancement in technology, various companies released their own types of pinball featuring Star Trek characters. One of the most famous and widespread pinball games were designed by Steve Ritchie in November 1993. This machine is the only one of its kind that has three separate high score lists. This game features seven unique mission. Each of them must be completed in order for a player to enter the Final Frontier. Each mission can award you one of more artifacts, which will increase your value when you reach the Final Frontier, which is a multi-ball mode.

Today, pinball featuring Star Trek characters comes in various forms, from the arcade to 3D and computer games. However, arcade pinball machines are still choosing by those people who realize that the real fun is more in the natural world than in the virtual one. Arcade pinball machines can be ordered from various places online, but they can also be bought from specialized stores. A huge advantage of buying them online is that they are much cheaper and can be ordered very fast. If you want to buy a Star Trek Pinball machine, you are on the right place, because here you can benefit of the best deals at a great value on those on auction.

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