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pinball_ballyBally Pinball is one of the most important companies of pinball machines. Since it was first started in the early 1930 by Ray Moloney, this important company gained more and more fame because of their products which were top-quality and unique. The first licensed movie theme pinball was designed by them in 1975 after the movie The Who's Tommy, followed by a breakthrough product that hit the headlines in 1979, named Star Trek Pinball, named after the famous Star Trek movie.

One of the best-selling pinball machines ever was the Addams Family, designed by the same company in 1992. This is the era's most iconic pinball machine, considering that this Tv series show was in vogue then. The machine had many top-features, such as several scoring modes, many recorded dialogues and a moving mechanical hand specially designed to pick up the balls. However, the real reason for its success was its perfect style of game play. Featuring well-placed ramps, this version of pinball games avoided common pitfalls of similar machines. After just 7 years later, Bally proves once again they are two steps ahead of their competition. The Revenge from Mars pinball machine was a high-tech pinball game that featured projected holographic targets. Using the latest technology of the moment, Bally managed to create the most performant pinball game ever. According to the studies conducted that time, this game was played by more than 80% of all pinball players in the United States.

There are many other pinball machine makers, however none of them even comes close to the quality of pinball machines produced by Bally. If you need a top-quality pinball machine under the name of Bally, you are at the right place. On this website, you can find many Bally pinball machines at reasonable prices and you can also benefit of special offers and price cut-offs by many vendors.

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