Lord of the Rings Pinball



Lord of the Rings pinball has a lot to offer pinball enthusiasts. This machine is based on the movie of the same name, and has lots of bells and whistles for pinball enthusiasts. It features many of your favorite characters from the movie like Frodo, Bilbo Baggins,Golam, and Sam. You can relive the historic movie all over again by playing this great game. This game is available for auction for a low price.


The Lord of the Rings pinball machine was first introduced in 2003. It is one of the best machines for personal use if you are a fan of the movie trilogy. It has voice over and flip action. There were approximately 5,100 of these unique movie inspired machines made. The category includes some rarely played, as well as refurbished machines. There are machines that are for sale on various websites, however ours is the best, and will have the most to offer users. Many pinball machines are refurbished but as most people know refurbished machines can be some of the best ones to purchase for home use at a fraction of the cost of new pinball machines. The dimensions of this machine are 29 width, 58 length and 76 height and weight 250 pounds. It can be shipped to your home for a small fee. Take advantage and order this machine now.

This machine will be sure to make your game room special. There are a lot of Lord of the Rings fans out there and this machine will remind you a great deal of the movie. This is a classic pinball machine that will only increase in value as time goes on. Get this machine for your personal game room, and amaze your friends. Look to dealers to provide some of the best Lord of the Rings pinball action you can hope to find.

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