Twilight Zone Pinball


pinball_twilight_zoneTwilight Zone Pinball machine, invented by Bally in the year 1993 is named after a famous television series known as Twilight. Twilight television series, introduced by Rod Serling have grabbed the hearts of viewers from all over the world. Similar to the movie, this pinball machine has also attracted thousands of potent customers across the globe. Twilight zone pinball machine beholds a good collection of attractive toys. You can describe twilight zone pinball machine as a little costlier budget in the whole group of pinball. Now let's see the interesting features of twilight zone pinball machine here.

Gumball machine is one of the main features of this pinball machine. This machine is responsible to lock the balls inside. You can light up this gumball machine during playing. Generally, a gumball machine is lit up by using white coloured LED. In case of loading, LED colour is changed to red from white. Mechanical clock is another main feature of twilight zone pinball machine. For enhanced gaming options, this mechanical clock is equipped with rotating arms. Other main features included in this specific pinball machine include a ceramic ball and a play field with magnetic flippers which are invisible. Ceramic ball used in this pinball machine is not usually affected by magnets in machine.

When you search online, you can find a good number of pinball machines in different modes. At present, this specific machine is one of the prime choices of home owners. Modifications made in this particular pinball machine include a small television screen, flashing camera and robotic toys. Today, you can get versatile types of beautiful pinball machines from online stores. To captivate all eyes, pinball machine is usually adorned with LEDs throughout the back box and play field. Twilight zone pinball machines with bright coloured LEDs and fantastic gaming options ensure 100% user satisfaction.


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