Silver Surfer The Spacefaring Superhero


Following the success of the Fantastic Four first published in 1961, comic book artist Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics created an ally for the team known as the Silver Surfer. The alter ego of the superhero character is Norrin Radd. Before being endowed with the Power Cosmic, young Radd was an astronomer from an alien planet Zenn-La. When Galactus was about to devour his home planet, the young astronomer made a plea bargain to spare Zenn-La in exchange for his service. Galactus imbued Radd with a very small portion of the Power Cosmic which provided him with superpowers that allows unprotected space travel. Equipped with a craft shaped like a surfboard, the Silver Surfer traverses across galaxies to search for planets that Galactus would consume. He travels at a speed greater than that of light. Hundreds of planets were identified that finally led the Silver Surfer to the planet Earth. On his journey to Earth, he learned the value of humanity and rediscovered his once noble character. Upon regaining his kindred spirit through the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer betrayed his evil master, the planet-devouring Galactus to save the Earth from utter destruction.

Antagonists in the Silver Surfer comic book serie

When the Silver Surfer successfully drove off Galactus from devouring planet Earth, the latter imposed an invisible barrier around the planet that leaves the Silver Surfer imprisoned. Due to this barrier, he can no longer travel across space and was officially in exile. While on Earth, he served as an ally of the Fantastic Four and faced several villains that aim to take over planetary rules. Like the Fantastic Four series, Doctor Doom frequently appears in the Silver Surfer series. Other villains coveted the Power Cosmic wielded by the superhero. Mephisto, a very powerful demonic entity wanted the soul of the Silver Surfer as this will give endow him with the same cosmic powers. The Silver Surfer and Mephisto encounters often begin with the villain devising a plot to steal the soul of the superhero. The encounters portray the triumph of good over evil as Mephisto was always defeated. Being an immortal entity, the villain once again rises up to reveal another plot.

Silver Surfer comic book collection

Comic books published in the 1960s are of great value to comic book fans in the current market. First published in 1966, Silver Surfer comic books are very well treasured so that these are exchanged for other items several folds its original value.

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