Silver Surfer The Spacefaring Superhero

Following the success of the Fantastic Four first published in 1961, comic book artist Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics created an ally for the team known as the Silver Surfer. The alter ego of the superhero character is Norrin Radd. Before being endowed with the Power Cosmic, young Radd was an astronomer from an alien planet Zenn-La. When Galactus was about to devour his home planet, the young astronomer made a plea bargain to spare Zenn-La in exchange for his service. Galactus imbued Radd with a very small portion of the Power Cosmic which provided him with superpowers that allows unprotected space travel. Equipped with a craft shaped like a surfboard, the Silver Surfer traverses across galaxies to search for planets that Galactus would consume. He travels at a speed greater than that of light. Hundreds of planets were identified that finally led the Silver Surfer to the planet Earth. On his journey to Earth, he learned the value of humanity and rediscovered his once noble character. Upon regaining his kindred spirit through the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer betrayed his evil master, the planet-devouring Galactus to save the Earth from utter destruction.

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Dr. Strange And His Supreme Mystical Powers

First appeared in the Strange Tales comic book series in 1963, Doctor Stephen Strange or simply Dr. Strange is one of the most fascinating characters in the Marvel Universe. The character was created by Stan Lee along with Steve Ditko. Debuted during the Silver Age of comics in the 1960s, the Dr. Strange comic book series as well as the character easily rose to prominence. Known as the Sorcerer Supreme, he uses magical artifacts that significantly expand his superhuman abilities. Using the Cloak of Levitation, Dr, Strange hovers through the air. Another favorite artifact of his is the Eye of Agamotto that allows him to see through hidden objects and break illusions. Through the mystical light emanating from the Eye, he can view past events as well as track other beings that project magical emissions. The Book of the Vishanti is a tome of benevolent magic that Dr. Strange learned to master. With this, he is able to cast numerous kinds of spells that baffles even the greatest of his enemies. Finally, there is the Orb of Agamotto. While the Eye of Agamotto reveals past events, the Orb allows Dr. Strange to foresee the future. Although the superhero hailed from planet Earth, he is considered to have powers that level up with those of the cosmic entities. He is often dubbed as the mightiest magician in the cosmos. Virtually any effect imaginable can be achieved using his powers. Telepathy, teleportation, and material creation are a few of his superpower abilities.

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Fantastic Four: The First Team Of Superheroes By Marvel Comics

Debuted in 1961, Fantastic Four has had a long comic book history and one of the earliest Marvel superheroes created by writer and editor Stan Lee. The Fantastic Four is in fact the first team of superheroes to be popularized by Marvel Comics. The team is composed of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing. Mister Fantastic being the most intelligent and level-headed member of the team is the unanimous leader. All the members got their superpowers after being exposed to cosmic rays when they were chosen to conduct a scientific outer space mission near the sun. After exposure to cosmic rays, scientist Reed Richards became Mister Fantastic who can stretch and morph his body beyond normal. The only woman in the team, Susan Storm, became Invisible Woman who can make herself invisible and can even project force fields to repel possible attacks. Johnny Storm, brother of Susan, became the Human Torch who gained the power to generate flames from his body. By manipulating this superpower, flight became possible for the Human Torch. Ben Grimm gained superhuman strength and endurance due to his stony flesh and became known as The Thing.

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You better be good or The Punisher will get you

Frank Castle, more popularly known as the ‘The Punisher’, is a fictional character for Marvel comics created by writer Gerry Conway and artists John Romita and Ross Andru in 1974. The Punisher is a type of anti-hero (meaning that methods he uses to stop crime are not those that a conventional super hero would use) who was first seen in the issue #129 of The Amazing Spider man. Before being ‘The Punisher’ Frank was a regular Joe like anyone of us, who had recently retired from the US marines after serving in the Vietnam and was now living a normal life with his wife and children, until one day Frank and his family were spending a nice afternoon in the New York Central park when they witnessed a Mafia gangland execution. On the lookout for any witnesses the Mafia executioners found Frank and his family and murdered them on the spot. However, miraculously Frank survived the shooting. On recovering Frank went to the police with for justice but all his efforts were in vain as the police was also involved with the mafia. After being denied justice, Castle vowed to punish all who were responsible for his family’s death and at the same time rid the city of all evil. This was when The Punisher was born.

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Elektra: A Deadly Heroine

Elektra is strong, mysterious, with dark eyes, long dark hair, long legs, likes the color red and packs a mean punch. If she is your idea of the dream woman, then you, like millions of people worldwide, are probably smitten by Elektra, the female assassin with highly advanced training and skills in martial arts.

Who is Elektra?

Elektra Natchios is the creation of Frank Miller for Marvel Comics. Her first appearance was in Daredevil No. 168 in 1981. She has since enjoyed increased popularity with the release of her very own comicbook series.

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The History Of Venom

History of Venom

Venom was an alien symbiote that was dressed up in the black version of Spider-man’s costume. Venom had power that could rival Spider-man’s, so he too was able to stick to almost any surface and swing from web –like substances. Venom’s costume also enhanced the wearer’s abilities; making them stronger and faster. Spider-man once wore the venom suit when he came across an alien machine. The suit was able to produce its own web and able to morph into a different appearances. While Peter Parker was sleeping, he discovered that the symbiote suit was able to think freely. After bringing the suit to Reed Richards, the two discovered that the suit was a symbiotic life form and could only be separated from Peter using powerful sound waves

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Wolverine: The World’s Favorite Antihero

The fearless and fierce superhero known as Wolverine first appeared in 1974 in one of the The Incredible Hulk comic book releases. The character was created by writer Len Wein with artistic work done by John Romita, Sr. and Herm Trimpe. Wolverine is the archetypal antihero that challenges authority to further his cause that is always aimed for the greater good. This antihero characteristic made Wolverine a favorite among the comic book fans who got bored by all the nice superheroes. Born as James Howlett, Wolverine is also known simply as Logan. He is one of the mutants who faced oppressions from the judgmental humans. With a heightened sense of smell, Logan can easily track villains or suspicious individuals. He also has enhanced physical capabilities beyond an average human being.

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Forty Years Of Iron Man

The character, along with other well-known and loved superhero characters, was conceived by Stan Lee. Iron Man first appeared in issue number 39 of the Tales of Suspense in March of 1963. The premiere story was written by Larry Lieber as Stan Lee had a pending deadline to beat. The character was sort of a dare and a challenge to his self for the creator to create. Iron Man embodied what the audience disliked in those times. The prevailing sentiments of the readers were against the military, war and capitalism, concepts which the character actually embodied.

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