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eBay Partner Network
Make Money with eBay Partner Network

You earn money from your quality content. That's one of the goals of ArticlOoza. I previously turned on the Adsharing plug-in so that you demonstrate an advert relevant to your entire blog. Now i triggered one more for you to concentrate on each article.

When you are composing a blog post, now you can display eBay listings related to your content thus make commission on each site visitor which could decide to purchase a specific thing afterward. Whilst other eBay WordPress plugins(free/paid) are available, this paid plug-in I selected has been around since 2007 and continues to be up to date. It was even rewritten in 2011.

How to accomplish it?

1. You must become a member of the eBay Partner Network. It's free.

2. Get phpBay Pro and make use of the discount code saveme20 to save 20 Percent.

3. Configure the newest plugin to fit the style of your blog. The WordPress tool may even display local items to your website visitors. It's good to show Canadian items to Canadian visitors.

4. You can use shortcodes in your content material like this:

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Click the link phpBay Pro (WP plug-in since 2007) and use discount code saveme20 in order to save 20% and present valuable things to readers!