Wolverine: The World’s Favorite Antihero


The fearless and fierce superhero known as Wolverine first appeared in 1974 in one of the The Incredible Hulk comic book releases. The character was created by writer Len Wein with artistic work done by John Romita, Sr. and Herm Trimpe. Wolverine is the archetypal antihero that challenges authority to further his cause that is always aimed for the greater good. This antihero characteristic made Wolverine a favorite among the comic book fans who got bored by all the nice superheroes. Born as James Howlett, Wolverine is also known simply as Logan. He is one of the mutants who faced oppressions from the judgmental humans. With a heightened sense of smell, Logan can easily track villains or suspicious individuals. He also has enhanced physical capabilities beyond an average human being.

A distinguishing weapon of Wolverine is his retractable claws that he uses to pierce through his enemies and other obstacles that may block his way. Naturally, these claws were made of his ordinary bones that would slip past through the back of his hands whenever he gets really angry. As a soldier who underwent the Weapon X program for developing super soldiers, his bones were fused with the metal alloy known as adamantium, the hardest element known to man. Consequently, his claws became all-metallic and can slice through almost anything. His healing factor was further enhanced with the Weapon X program. As a mutant, he can recover from his wounds at an accelerated rate. Diseases and toxins that infect his body are also rejected much easily by his superior immune system that easily adapts to these infections.

The enemies of Wolverine

Victor Creed, also known as Sabretooth, is the recurrent archenemy of Wolverine. They had several encounters all throughout the series. The villainous Sabretooth has similar fighting abilities as the superhero but lacks the adamantium bones leaving him vulnerable to strong impacts. Also a highly skilled combatant, Sabretooth and Wolverine encounters have always been a delight among many comic book fans. Also having superb fighting skills, Omega Red has been one of the most deadly enemies that Wolverine has ever encountered. Armed with abilities enhanced by the Weapon X program, Omega Red uses his carbonadium retractable tentacles to fight against the adamantium claws of Wolverine.

A great collection of Wolverine comic books

Even in the animated series that became very popular in the 1990s, Wolverine has been a highly favored character. His popularity went to go on higher with the release of feature films depicting his origins and later team ups with the X-Men. Investing on Wolverine comic books, therefore, is a good strategy to earn additional income due to the popularity of the superhero.

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