The Importance Of Collecting X-Men Comic Books


The X-Men is one of the most popular comic series. A brainchild of Stan Lee and Jack Kibrick it involves mutant heroes who, through various genetic mutations have certain super powers that they use, most of them for good while a few for evil ends. The plot is mainly based on a backdrop of a rising anti mutant force that is interested in wiping out the X-Men from the face of the earth as they are seen as threats to human life. All the X-Men are from all over the world and are under the tutelage of Professor Xavier. In a world that is increasing opposed to their existence, Xavier has built a safe haven for them in his Westchester mansion. Here, they learn that there are others like them and are taught how to use their abilities constructively. The most popular X-Men characters include Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm and Shadowcat.

X-Men Popular Villains

Some of the most popular X-Men villains include Magneto, the Hell Fire Club, Proteus and The Shadow King. Magneto is Professor Xavier’s most formidable opponent. The difference in their views is that while Xavier believes that mutants and mankind can live in harmony, Magneto thinks that humans will only let mutants live if they (mutants) dominate the humans. His approaches to solving mutant-human conflicts are usually more violent than Xavier’s. The membership of the Hell Fire Club has changed over the years in the comic series but they have committed some of the most challenging atrocities that the X-Men have ever faced. Mankind is also a great villain to the X-Men. This is because Mankind fears what it does not understand and usually harbors great animosity to the mutants.

Why You Should Collect X-Men Comic Books

Collecting comic books is a very fruitful investment. Usually, many are the stories in which old comic books are auctioned at very high prices. This is because of the value which is attached to the original comic book series. Even though you may not be able to sell them for millions of dollars, there are times when you can sell them to museums for a decent amount, usually several times over what you bought them for. As a fan, you can also collect comic books for the fun of it. You might need to make reference to old issues of the X-Men comic books and also read the old issues just for the fun of it.

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