The History Of Venom


History of Venom

Venom was an alien symbiote that was dressed up in the black version of Spider-man’s costume. Venom had power that could rival Spider-man’s, so he too was able to stick to almost any surface and swing from web –like substances. Venom’s costume also enhanced the wearer’s abilities; making them stronger and faster. Spider-man once wore the venom suit when he came across an alien machine. The suit was able to produce its own web and able to morph into a different appearances. While Peter Parker was sleeping, he discovered that the symbiote suit was able to think freely. After bringing the suit to Reed Richards, the two discovered that the suit was a symbiotic life form and could only be separated from Peter using powerful sound waves

Friend or Foe

Spiderman finally separates himself from the symbiote suit by using a church bell’s sound waves, but the suit falls inside of the church and takes over journalist Eddie Brock. Venom could sense the hatred that Brock had for Spiderman and bonded with him. Spiderman and Brock battle each other on several occasions; with both of them knowing each other’s secret identities. On some rare occasions, the two were compelled to combine their forces and work together. Eddie Brock running around in the Venom suit becomes one of the biggest troubles in Spiderman’s efforts to help the city. He is unable to sense Brock with his “spidey senses,” since venom is bonded with him. Brock is eventually diagnosed with a terminal illness. Knowing that he is going to die soon, he tries to make his last act before he dies a good one. Brock auctions off the venom suit to the highest bidder as his last act of kindness. He then proceeds to give all of the money away to various different charities.

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