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Jennifer Lawrence Biography

Jennifer Lawrence is an American film actress born on 15th of August 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky where she was raised. She has two siblings both of whom are older than her – Ben and Blaine. Her parents Gary and his wife Karen were farm owners just outside the city. Right from her childhood, Jennifer lived an athletic life. She used to participate in softball, field hockey and cheerleading. While growing up, Jennifer thought she would become a doctor. While still at a tender age, she modeled and also went to community theatre, but it was out of her dreams to one day be an actress.

Apart from being a school cheerleader, Lawrence also played basketball, field hockey and softball on a boy’s team coached by her father. Her mother could not permit her o play with the girls because she considered Jennifer to be too rough. She fondly went to a local horse farm for horseback riding. She also grew up in the Christian religion, going to church every Sunday. It was actually in church where she first acted as a prostitute based on the Book of Jonah. Many family friends were impressed and congratulated her mother saying “your daughter is a great prostitute” due her great character in the play. From that age of 9 years, Jennifer continued to play numerous roles in church plays as well as school musicals.

Her acting career started at the age of 14 while at a family vacation in New York City. A stranger requested to take a picture of her and also took her mother’s phone number as well. The next day, he called and asked if she could take a screen test. For that summer, Lawrence did not leave New York as she stayed to take part in MTV commercials, as well as film the 2007 thriller “Devil You Know.” Due lack of distribution, this film was shelved till 2013 when it was released.

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