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Emma Stone is an American actress born on 6th November 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona where she was also raised. Right from childhood, Stone was drawn into acting, having done The Wind in the Willows at the age of 11. She relocated with her mother to Los Angeles in 2004 for her debut in VH1’s In Search of the New Partridge Family. After taking part in a number of television shows, she won the Young Hollywood Award due to her success in Superbad, 2007. She equally performed well in Zombieland, 2009.

Emily Jean Stone is a daughter to Krista Jean Stone, a home maker and Jeffrey Charles Stone, founder and CEO of a general-contracting company. She has only one sibling who is younger than her, a brother, by the name Spencer. When she was a child, she frequently cried due to baby colic. This made nodules and calluses to develop on her vocal chords. When asked to describe her childhood, she says she was a “loud” and “bossy” child. She studied at Sequoya Elementary School and then went to Cocopah Middle School for 6t grade. She was able to scoop all as but never liked school that much. Her social activities in childhood declined due to panic attacks. She was taken to therapy but that did not help either. Her cure came from her participating in theatre plays.

For her graduate studies, Stone went to Xavier College Preparatory‍ but did not wait till graduation. She dropped out so as to focus on becoming an actress. In order to convince her parents to permit her to relocate to California, she prepared a PowerPoint presentation titled “Project Hollywood.” Her presentation featured the song Hollywood by Madonna. The parents agreed and that’s when she relocated to Los Angeles in an apartment. She immediately started auditioning for every Disney Channel show of which she got none. As she was auditioning, she enrolled into an online class and got part-time job at a dog-treat bakery.

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